HIRE AN TRUE success story
to INSPIRE PEOPLE at your next event!

"Few keynote speakers are as qualified to inspire and motivate your group as Andrew Greenstein! Since becoming a self-made multi-millionaire in his early 20s, Andrew has traveled the globe, coached, counseled, and helped countless others achieve success. Having transformed his own life in areas ranging from financial freedom to weight loss, and even to overcoming a significant speech impediment, Andrew's unique blend of storytelling and motivational speaking will move your attendees to laughter, tears, & action!"

I have inspired audiences large and small, near and far, corporate and charity. A proven winner, I have ranked repeatedly as a State Public Speaking Finalist in contests hosted by Toastmasters International.
What makes me "different"? My experience & successes are real and verifiable. I am a clear-headed, optimistic motivator and team player...no longer caught up in the hustle & bustle of corporate life. I live to play and enjoy each day with my family. My LIFESTYLE makes me a more effective speaker!
On a case by case basis, I am available to deliver keynotes, presentations, and entertaining/humorous stories to audiences anywhere on the planet! I customize my lessons,  themes, and stories to YOUR goals and to YOUR objectives... I LOVE to motivate, entertain, and MOVE people to action and positive change! Wherever I speak, audiences empathize with my stories, remember my messages, and report that they have gone on to make positive changes in their own lives.  My unique storytelling ability ensures that audiences experience a dynamic and sincere conversationalist with the experience and knowledge to show them how to improve in ways that "traditional" speakers often do not. People are often accustomed to listening to performers who touch their EARS...but my audiences experience someone who touches their HEARTS...