hip-hop Legend KRS-ONE recorded a hit INSPIRATIONAL HIP-HOP CD with me IN 2010 and we performed live on stage together IN SEVERAL STATES!

You cannot accurately judge any book by its cover. I've been rhyming/rapping/emceeing since the mid-1980s growing up in Queens, New York City. Back then, I engaged in many street battles, opened shows at tri-state area venues for successful recording artists, and dreamed of some day making it "big."  Ironically, it was only long after I had set that dream aside and moved on to pursue business & family that....about a decade and a half since my last studio demo, hip-hop legend Krs-One (one of my own childhood heroes!) would "discover" me through an unexpected series of events and immediately decide to take me under his wing as an "apprentice"; mentoring me as an emcee, producing my first full-length CD, and having me open for him at various shows for tough hip-hop audiences. Any true hip-hop artist knows that having the blessing of Krs-One is tantamount to having already earned the respect of the culture itself. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment -- You can download the full "It's All Good" CD by Greenie (my emcee name) and Krs-One on Itunes and/or watch the "Real Terrorism" video below (briefly banned on Youtube for being too "controversial" --before numerous renegade Youtube users spoke out and began re-posting it!)

Growing up in New York during the 80's, hip-hop was just about the only music I ever listened to. With hardly any effort at all, my "Real Terrorism" video became an underground hit in 2010 and 2011--ringing up nearly 100,000 views in one weekend---after being banned on Youtube and then reinstated.
Looking to hire an emcee for a show? Need a top-notch lyricist to write for you? Want a TRUE evaluation of your recordings and an expert coaching session? Having worked with the best in the industry, I am more than qualified to assist! I accept projects on a case-by-case basis. Let me know what you're looking for !...




The hip-hop I grew up on was all about lyrics. It was an art form filled with clever rhymes and word play. When I recorded the "It's ALL Good" CD with KRS in 2009 & 2010, I strived to bring back that root feeling of true hip-hop as I knew and loved it while simultaneously updating my own style and outdoing my own self by writing better songs than I ever had in the past. I wanted to create an album that had NO FILLER TRACKS whatsoever. Each song would be a different type of story, adventure, and message. Though many of them would reflect the personal pain of my own past, they would all inherently be hip-hop versions of inspiring, positive messages that I've learned from all that I have gone through. Especially important tracks include "Real Terrorism," "My Son, The Schvartze," and "Liar, Cheat, Sneak, Thief."

  Are the stories on my CD true? For the most part, yes: They are all based on actual events that occurred in my life. However, some of them have been changed to make them more succinct or relevant--i.e. different events that happened at different times may be presented as happening all at once as part of the same story. I recorded "It's ALL Good" after several years of writing and delivering inspirational speeches and the techniques I used to write those same speeches became apparent in the writing of my songs...albeit with a definite hip-hop twist.