None of it means anything without family...

The years I lived before my children were born seems like an entirely different life. Today, virtually everything I think, say, and do...revolves around my family in some way. Whether you choose to have your own children or not, I pray everyone gets to experience such deep love for another in their lifetime.  James, Kayden, and Belinda: I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!

My son James is an extremely talented artist and cosplayer. He's gentle and kind and is crazy about "Butterfly Effect" video games, Youtube videos about Butterfly Effect video games, and well...playing video games like Life Is Strange, The Last of Us, or Until Dawn. James has tons of friends and seems to meet new ones whereever we travel in the world. Did I mention that he's also unusually smart, gifted, and beautiful?
My younger child, Kayden-Harmony, is a brilliant performer, lover of life, and expert on all things puppy-related! She loves pop groups like Five Seconds of Summer but also enjoys performing Elivs songs on stage! She has an awesome group of happy-go-luck friends and is a beautiful, extremely intelligent shining light who inspires everyone she meets! ..
Me & My Girls (Years Ago...):

A tribute To Belinda Greenstein, the ultimate wife & stepmother: