Andrew Greenstein, entrepreneur, became a self-made multi-millionaire in his early 20s and continued to grow his wealth dramatically each year in the decades that followed. To date, online businesses started by Andrew have grossed nearly $100 million in revenue. While he specializes in ALL aspects of Internet marketing, Andrew is also exceptionally skilled in issues concerning sales growth & management, motivation, & human resources. Andrew strives to ENSURE that all clients profit TREMENDOUSLY from their investment in his consulting services...


At the age of 28, I retired from my own highly successful, multi-million dollar Internet-based company after working more than 125 hours per week for 6 1/2 years to grow it. 5 years later, I have visited more than 50 countries, overcome handicaps, and delivered award-winning speeches. I am available on a case-by-case basis for professional consulting.


I have been directly involved in the creation of nearly $100million worth of online revenue from my own writing companies, resume & job placement assistance companies, search engines, business advice sites, and more. In recent years, I've created one of the most profitable luxury home rental companies in the world and had our properties featured on a number of prestigious television programs. To date, I have NEVER failed to ensure that my clients earn back their full investment in my services PLUS a substantial profit. I will only take on projects that are of interest AND that I am confident will be highly




Due to overwhelming demand, I decided several years ago to begin accepting business consulting projects only on a case-by-case basis. Since the early 1990s, I have launched hundreds of successful businesses & websites, coached multi-million dollar online enterprises, and provided invaluable advice to traditional offline businesses as well. Having already retired my positions at most of my own very successful companies, I now commit to consulting projects of interest only when I am EXTREMELY confident that my consultation will lead to the rapid achievement of your company's goals. Simply put: If I don't firmly believe that I can make YOU money, I will turn down your project! To date, I have NEVER failed to ensure that my clients PROFIT from my services. Click The Home Business Magazine Article To Enlarge/Read


(Andrew Greenstein's Guinness Record Breaking Rental Property on Fox News)

Whether you need a website positioning strategy, a cost-cutting analysis, innovative
techniques for e-advertising, ideas to motivate human resources, or a plan to "demolish" the competition, I will serve your company with the same commitment, dedication, and integrity that went into the successful development of my own. Much of the guidance I provide will be UNIQUE -- exercises in management and marketing that are the results of my own extensive experience; proprietary ideas you will NOT find elsewhere!

Privacy will be assured. No-competition documents will be signed. Deadlines are guaranteed. Speak to me on the telephone first-- Ensure that YOU feel comfortable. EVERY project is so dramatically different...that...the best way to find out if I am suitable to help you, is simply to CONTACT ME!