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What acts of kindness have YOU done TODAY? To whom have you expressed YOUR gratitude? Make at least 3 people smile each day. Give thanks each week for at least 50 things in YOUR life. Then, watch how things change. Even if everything in your mind tries to justify holding back, GO AHEAD and be LOVING. Every act of kindness changes YOUR world for the better. Now---- ---THAT'S "reality!"
Sharing and giving have produced some of the greatest joy in my life and, hopefully, in the lives of those with/to whom I have shared and/or given. I trust that I will routinely be moved to help serve in new and better ways. If YOU have an IDEA for some way I can contribute to a better world for all of us, please let me know. I cannot guarantee that every email will be answered, but they will ALL definitely be reviewed. First, ask yourself: What can YOU do? (and then DO IT!)
Whether it's reading stories to children, leaving an unexpectedly huge tip for a disgruntled waitress, or bringing unusually special "dream/wish list" gifts to an orphanage, I am committed to providing those in need with memorable moments, experiences, and feelings. To date, I have worked with a number of causes including the Florida Baptist Children's Home, The Earl K. Wood Scholarship Fund, New Beginnings, The House of Blessings, and have contributed to dozens of other organizations as well. I contribute time, money, and creativity---whenever I am moved to do so.


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We live on an abundant planet in an abundant universe. There IS enough food and sufficient resources for EVERYONE but much like toddlers, our societies simply do not "share" effectively. All people DESERVE food, shelter, and love. Entire books have been written about this subject and I have experienced the joy, richness, and CHANGE that come from "giving it away"---even when its seems socially "illogical" to do so. That said, I do not automatically help anyone and everyone who asks. I often find organized charities to be too "corporate" and so I tend to work on an individual, case-by-case basis when my heart moves me to do so. I definitely believe in teaching people to fish, rather than simply throwing them fish.


Nevertheless, a "fish throw" can be inspiring and life changing to some. In 2007, I asked a Lakeland, FL orphanage to pose to their children this question: "If you could wish for any one item in the world for Christmas/Holidays this year, what would it be?" Without the children knowing, I then proceeded to make ALL of their wishes come true. The gifts were presented at a Holiday event on site at the orphanage--where I got to meet every single one of the children and share life stories (click image to right to enlarge)... The way it was done, many of the children were inspired to believe that dreams CAN come true (and many had wishes granted that provided items to help them pursue their own specific dreams!)



In 2016, I made my wife's dream of "rescuing all of the dogs in one (kill) shelter" come true--by surprising her with a "pet adoption" party at which we sponsored ALL fees for ALL animals (and had a county carnival in her honor!). We caused a record-breaking 86 pet adoptions in one day---with more still being adopted in subsequent days!







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