In 2001, I lost more than 45 pounds of body fat and have kept most of it off
ever since!

 As a child, I enjoyed collecting baseball cards and watching such classic films as Superman and Star Wars. As an adult, I simply collect memories, watch sunsets, and enjoy virtually all film genres. In fact, my favorite movie of all time is probably "Terms of Endearment"

Salad can be DELICIOUS! Try it!

I took 7 inches off of my waist in about 6-7 months!

Photo taken in Greece, 1999.
Approx. weight 190. Pants size = 36

Photo take in Bermuda, 2001.
Approx. weight 155. Pants size=31
[Lost a little more fat in the weeks that followed]..


In more recent years, I've gained nearly 20 pounds of muscle
[and a BIT of the fat back]--- See below:

   I wish I had some better "before" and "after" photos -- but I really don't. This is probably because in the "before" days -- I usually wore longer sleeves and more layers [exception above!]...When I look at pictures from back then, a slight difference can be seen in the face and upper body...but it's not dramatic. The reality is, however, that I went from "the 190s" [men's size 36] to "the 140s" [men's size 29-30] while reducing my body fat from 35%+ to barely 10-12%. 

   So how did I do it? The "short story" is I went to a Weight Watchers
meeting, learned their point system--and brought it home with me. By counting whatever I ate and exercising for one hour each day [mostly using Tae-Bo videos..and SOME free weights as well], I lost an average of 2 pounds per week.. reaching plateaus every now and then. I acquired a real love for good salads without meat and with vinegar [no oil!] or NO calorie dressings and would eat at least 2 large salads before each meal to curb my subsequent appetite. Fruits & veggies became my snack of choice and for main dishes, red meat was almost completely ruled out and fish/poultry became the norm. For most of us, the bottom line is this: If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight! Do it safely and with a doctor's consent! E-mail me if you want to swap weight loss stories!

NEW UPDATE! I found some arguably more telling before/after photos. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge them..