Sure, I thought about filling this page with hundreds of unique links...but...that just wouldn't be me!  If you have a site you think I really "need" to visit and consider for addition to this list, email it to me!


Where do I hang out online?
  Although I've been an ardent user for nearly 15 years, the Internet still never ceases to amaze me...What did previous generations ever do without it? Through this window to the universe, I research and reserve world travel at all hours of the night, read foreign newspapers translated into English, correspond with souls everywhere, and, even learn such important things as how to tie a tie [finally!] without having to go anywhere, read a book, or ask anyone for help!...
  To list ALL of my favorite sites would be IMPOSSIBLE. In a word, Google.Com remains the single most important e-place to be [but I think most of us KNOW that already!]. Google will quickly find highly relevant results for almost any query you enter!
  News sites like cnn.com and msnbc.com are also favorites for quick doses of media hype..TheForce.Net is a great one for Star Wars fans like myself...Yet..probably one of the most visited sites in my browser's history is Mrqe.Com - The Movie Review Query Engine! This fantastic site pools dozens of reviews for tens of thousands of movies into one easy search. I often find it fun to read critical reviews of movies I've already seen..particularly older films..Sometimes, before watching a DVD, I search for its title at MRQE, just to view the NUMERICAL SCORES given to it by most critics.,.If I see a lot of very high scores for a particular movie, I can infer--without reading the reviews--that it's probably a "pretty darn good" flick...
  Oh! Probably the most important site of all!... One of my latest mini-projects: 1-on-1-Resumes.com --a service featuring contracted resume writers capable of providing you with letter-perfect, professional resumes as quickly as you require!